Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another great market!

Can you believe we have already had 2 french markets!!  Saturday's market couldn't have been any better...we had fantastic weather and a great crowd!  If you couldn't make it here are a few pics...

Our next market will be August 14th along with our 3 french hens children's fishing derby...stop in to get an application!


Terrell said...

Simply gorgeous pictures!! Wow! I would love to have a beautiful place to shop nearby such as's just wonderful Traci!

Lara said...

Such lovely photos! I am so bummed that I missed the past 2 markets due to having other -can't get out of- plans.. but I am definitely going to go to the August one.. can't wait!!

eva said...

I wish we had french market here, if only I lived there I will visit french market often . Have a great day !!!

Anne Marie said...

Traci! Everything looks fantastic! and I heard from "an eye witness" it was amazing! way to go!

could you e-mail me when you get a chance? when my computer crashed, I lost your email!
Anne Marie

traci said...

i am so glad that the market went well. i am so bummed that i missed it. looking forward to next month. i am going to try and get down to the shop next week to give you your cd of images. have a great weekend.