Sunday, February 24, 2013

That's a Wrap!

I'll be adding these beautiful floral wraps to my etsy shop! 
Check it out!
This one comes in grey(ish)/mauve or cream and can be worn a few different ways!

 This style also comes in grey or cream and has the most gorgeous rose detailing across the back with lace at the bottom.


Have a great week!
XO Traci


Thursday, February 14, 2013


If you did not get flowers for Valentine's Day you'll find plenty around the shop!
New scarves, pins and clothing for spring!

Paper flag garland!

These blue and speckled eggs in the cutest burlap bag just arrived!
Have a great weekend!
XO Traci

Sunday, February 3, 2013

One room done...almost

My bathroom is FINALLY just about finished!  Besides some sconces and drapes all I have left to do is get the decor accessories (my favorite part)!
Here are a few before pics...
This was the only room with a baseboard heater. To make the room a bit more cozy I put heat in the floors(it is amazing) and got rid of the heater.  There was no bathtub - just this huge shower.
See that closet - it now has the toilet in it.

The vanities, mirrors and lights went and some demolition began!
Two hall closets were removed to make room for the new vanity.  I didn't want to put new vanities back where they were because I wanted room for a tub!

Don't you love the sconces - haha!
After falling in LOVE with a kohler marble sink that was 1400.00, I knew I wanted one but didn't want to pay that much.  I did a ton of looking and found this one for soooo much less!

I bought this beautiful armoire from the sweetest man - He said that while he was living in London his flat didn't have closets so he found this at a market in Grant Park.   

I wanted my shower to have an open concept (I think they call this a water room). 
 I just love the open feel in the room. 
One of my favorite things in my bathroom is the exposed pipe shower unit.

I went with all marble tile on the walls and floor.   Using different sizes and patterns really added to the room! The floor tile was placed in a herringbone pattern.
If I told you where I got my tile from you wouldn't believe me - HOBO!  Home Owners Bargain Outlet - I almost bought tile from a high-end retailer for four times the amount of what I spent on this tile!!  I actually love this even more(maybe because I know I got a deal)!
I purchased this chandelier at Kane County Flea Market! 
The only thing I did was paint it white (it was bright brass).
One room almost done soooo many more to go!!
XO Traci