Monday, December 8, 2008


Thought I would share a few pictures from some recent events. You have all heard the saying when it rains it pours, that is exactly how things have been here at Whimsy! We have had so much going on the past two weeks. Take a look.....

So a great customer of ours, Jo C., was featured in our local charity house walk and asked me to create a floral arrangement for her dining room table and fill her terrarium. She was sooo nervous about making sure her house was perfect for the event. Let me tell you that her home was by far the most stunning home! Everyone was raving about how inviting and warm her home is. I left her house feeling like my house should be torn down (HEHE). Jo has such an eye for style and I know all that walked through her home left with great ideas and inspiration! Thanks Jo for letting me do such a special arrangment and of course you were sooo GREAT to work with!

Beautiful Amaryllis, Green Hydrangeas with Burgundy tips, pepper berries, and of course winter greens all in a vase filled with TONS of cranberries!

White Roses were placed under the terrarium with a beautiful gold gilded bird.

I don't have many pictures from Midnight in Morris because we were really busy the entire night. If you have ever gone you know it can get CRAZY! We actually had a line to get in the store! Midnight in Morris is an event that starts at 8pm and ends at Midnight and all of the stores downtown have specials and yummy treats. It is a lot of fun to get your girlfriends together and enjoy a night out.
This was a rare moment for us away from the register. I love events like these because it reminds me just how many people we've come to know over the past four months. It's great to see so many of them at once!

One of our customers,Bev S., was planning her husbands Christmas work party and asked me to help. Bev and I have such similar styles so working with her was VERY easy! We both love tone on tone colors in shades of whites, tans, and grays. We decided to decorate in a vintage white winter theme...

A sled I sprayed white and sprinkled with glitter and mica flakes held presents tied with different ribbons and adorned with handmade tags.

Snowball caches held each guests placecard. Inside each guest found a note from their boss, a raffle ticket for a fun drawing, and drink tickets.

Each table number was replaced with a holiday song...very festive!

Each guest had an arrangement waiting at their seat. The container was an adorable vintage tin mold and the arrangement consisted of christmas greens, spray roses, a silver ornament, and was stuffed with faux snow. The menus were adorned with a festive snowflake.

At the event one lucky winner was able to take home this snowman made of all carnations!

Another fun holiday arrangement

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finding Success Together!

Michael R. Schmidt photographer

Here is a great article from the Joliet Herald that Christina Chapman wrote! I can't thank her enough for the wonderful article!

MORRIS -- Some retailers may be looking for ways to have a one up on their competition to survive in today's economy, but in downtown Morris three young business owners are doing more than surviving -- they are succeeding with help from one another.

Two years ago when signs of a dwindling market were on the horizon, a 25-year-old Ginger Shepherd decided to take over a wine boutique called Montage Spirts and Gifts on Morris' main strip at 304 Liberty Street.

Just a year ago in the midst of a falling market, Megan Turk who was 27 then, opened a brand new clothing boutique called Me Tu just down the block at 216 Liberty St.

And just four months ago 28-year-old Traci Tessone opened a home decor and event planning store called Whimsy at 106 W. Washington St. despite many calling her "crazy."

Opening a new business is always risky and these three women have done it during a time when many are closing their doors. Although they are aware the same could happen to them, this is their dream and they are not only going to make sure they succeed individually, but as a team.

"Anybody who is hurting right now is not failing. We know what we're doing. We're just waiting for everything to bounce back," Turk said.

And it helps to have some help from a more experienced friend. All three rely on the wisdom of Erin McFarland, owner of The Paper Company, an established business of five years in the downtown district.

"We're all separate business owners, but these are my co-workers," Turk said.

The key is creative thinking, the women said, and four minds are better than one.

"You have to stay innovative in this economy. It's all about putting in long hours and coming up with creative ideas. We have an advantage because we do it together," Shepherd said.

Sticking together
These women may not have chosen an ideal time to try something new, but in Morris businesses are fighting.
Some doors have closed, said Caroline Portlock, Grundy County Chamber of Commerce & Industry executive director, but not necessarily because they couldn't make it. For example last year Bone-ifide Care, a pet retail store, closed its store front, but not because it failed. Another part of Bonnie Latta's business grew, the pet sitting and training services, so she dedicated her time to that.

Other businesses are thriving still, Portlock said. The Front Porch, a home decor store, used to be located on Washington Street and recently moved to Liberty to increase square-footage.

"Overall in the last couple of years we've found people who have a good business and market plans do very well," Portlock said. "Although it is not a fantastic time to open a business. It is not the worst time either."

This isn't to say sales aren't low. To compensate many have to do things such as order inventory monthly rather than months a head of time or order less expensive items than are usually carried.

"The economy has made us better business owners without a doubt," Turk said.

The goal is to get people in the door. If you can get them downtown into one store there is a chance that shopper will go next door or across the street. With this in mind the ladies have started advertising together taking out one big newspaper add with a coupon for all four stores rather than one small one for an individual store. It saves them on cost and encourages shoppers to visit all the stores.

The idea of working with competitors is almost a necessity to make it in today's economy, said Peter Gill, communications director for the Illinois Retail Merchants Association.

In some areas entire towns are working together, he said. In Crystal Lake the city council authorized giving shoppers $30 gift certificates after a shopper shows receipts proving a certain amount was spent at any store in the zip code. Near Milwaukee a suburb actually created its own money to be bought and used anywhere in the town. "It shows that retailers are working together and communities are working together to get customers to stay home and shop in certain areas," Gill said.

Working as a team gives businesses more options, but it is still not easy.

"You're not getting a pay check and someone saying 'great job for working 16 hours today.' It's not always rewarding, but it will be, if we stay humble," Shepherd said.

It used to be for every four customers that walked in, three would buy, Turk said. Now one buys.

"Going out and buying a shirt is now a luxury," she said.

Good Mentors
Just as important as having good "co-workers" is having someone who has been through it.
"Everybody in this town is very supportive. We send customers to each other and we're not at all threatened," Tessone said.

Downtown Morris has a Retail and Restaurant Committee made up of more than half of the downtown businesses, said co-chairman Bill Barkley, owner of Liberty Mercantile. The committee works to promote the downtown and all its businesses. This year they hope to add all of the city's businesses.

"When they join the retail committee we look after them. I check on them, see what we can do to help the individual businesses or ask them to help others," Barkley said.

Much of the committee is made up of the veteran businesses or experienced owners so as much as the new owners need the committee they need the new blood.

Just recently the committee ran with an idea the newer business owners came up with that was similar to the annual Girls Night Out in Morris. In October downtown had a Under the Harvest Moon event where the stores were open later and offered treats and discounts.

"I feel since we've come together we've had an impact," Tessone said.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

House Walk

I had the pleasure of decorating the main dining room at the Reardon Mansion B&B for our local charity house walk event. The B&B is FILLED with wonderful antiques and has such charm. The furniture in the main dining room is massive and the ceilings are extremely tall..beautiful! Also, there is a lot of dark wood and fabric in the room. I wanted to lighten the room and make it a gold wonderland! As I was decorating I was very cautious in making sure the decorations didn't fade into the background.



Tall gold branches add the height needed in the room. The gold runner and matching placemats are so sparkly!

These tightly packed carnation balls look like snowballs.

Everyone thought these gorgeous roses were fake because they look so perfect! I filled the vases with faux snow and mica flakes to add shine.

Mini presents were used as our placecards. The menus were created by our local stationery boutique, The Paper Company. They have fun, cute, and interesting paper products and do amazing custom printing!

Cheers! Our local wine boutique, Montage, supplied the champagne. They have unique and hard to find wine and champagne.

The event was a great success and I am very honored to have been a part of such a great cause! I hope I was able to pass along some unique holiday decorating ideas...ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Holiday 08' Reveal

The “snow” dust has settled and I have finally been able to sit and load the pictures I shot before we opened the doors for our open house, so take a look at our Christmas wonderland. Many items have come and gone and newer product has appeared. Our open house was such a success…thanks to all of our regulars and it was great to meet so many newcomers.

snowflake garland made from vintage books hang in our windows.

Our garden snow angel goes sooo well in our winter wonderland.

We have been on a mercury glass kick here at Whimsy…you will find LOTS of it around the store!!!

Please keep us in mind for your holiday parties. Our services are being booked quickly...

The store is full, inviting and magical and I am so pleased to walk around and see the variety that is offered. We have traditional greens and wreaths along with glitter or snow items to change things up. I am also happy with our large supply of jewelry, accessories, and objects for gift giving- and more is still on the way. Please add us to your list of 'must see' shops this month.

Check back for more pics as the month goes on. Whew... It never ends really.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


“Considering that I am such a traditionalist in so many ways. I’m completely unconventional in my thinking about weddings. So if I had any advice to give, it would be that you should have the wedding that makes you happy and comfortable. It takes a lot of work just finding the right person, so go easy on yourself when it comes to the wedding itself.”

To help with your wedding needs….

Ceremony & Reception Site Selection
Budget Development & Plan
Complete Vendor Management
Wedding Weekend Itinerary Development
Hotel Arrangement
Wedding Day Survival Kit
Stylish Room D├ęcor
Original Floral Design
Wedding Cake Design
Make-up Artists
Hair Stylists
Bridal Attire and Accessories
Invitation & Wedding Stationary
Ceremony & Reception Programs
Officiant Coordination
Shower Consultation
Wedding Party Attire & Gifts
Unique Transportation Options
Seating Arrangements
Guest Favor & Room Gifts


Bride Bow-Quet...Save all of your ribbons from your shower and use them at your rehearsal dinner as your bouquet!

These are handy tabs to mark all of the great ideas you find in your magazines/books.

The CUTEST ring bearer pillow!

This is not only a night shirt, but also can be used the day of your wedding when you are getting your hair and make-up done...nothing to pull over your head, buttons down! Adorable ruffled sleeves, Bride embroidered on the pocket and it all comes in a great white cotton bag.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Kay, thank you so much for being such a SUPPORTIVE customer! We appreciate seeing what happens to our merchandise once it leaves the store. What a great idea to place a variety of pedestals in one grouping. You really are sooo creative and your home is sooo CUTE!!! We can't wait to see more! THANK YOU!!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


This weekend was our grand opening…YEAH!!! We opened at 9:00 to reveal what we have been working on for the past two months. We really had such a fantastic turnout! It seems that every project I venture upon involves the helping hands of many people, and this venture was no exception. Everyone has pitched in and I can’t thank those people enough for their support! Thanks to our great customers we REALLY enjoyed meeting all of you and look forward to your next visit! I am posting some pictures from this weekend!