Saturday, October 22, 2011

Trying this out!

I am officially a professional photographer..okay, maybe not but I did just finish some classes!!  I had no idea all that goes into a simple picture - I am happy to finally know what all of the buttons on my camera mean and I actually know how to use them!! 
 I thought I would practice and show you some pictures of my guest bathroom:)

I made this vanity skirt from two linen, ruffle european pillow shams!  all I did was tack them to the existing cabinet and I can easily remove them to wash - sooo easy!

Not the best picture - but I thought I would still show you my sweet cabinet - clearly I need a little photography help with this pic!!

You should always have extra disposable toothbrushes in case your guest forget theirs!

I always like my guests to feel a sense of privacy...

This jar of soap rose petals is perfect for guests who want to relax - they can toss them in the tub and they smell amazing!

I love candlelight so made sure to line the windowsill with pretty holders!

and a sign to remind my guests to relax and enjoy:)

Thanks for taking a peek!
xo Traci

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A little vintage glam...

Today I helped Sarah decorate her wedding; which was held at a country club near starved rock (I love the area around starved rock, it is so beautiful!) Sarah loves vintage items and wanted to incorporate touches into her wedding.  Her goal was to create a room that was dramatic but not stuffy! 
By incorporating vintage brooches, gold, black and feathers we ended up with the perfect vintage glam look:)

The bridesmaid's bouquets featured roses, hydrangeas, silk ribbon, a brooch and feathers!

 All of the boutonnieres and corsages were handmade from paper to resemble one of my favorite flowers - anemones.  Fresh anemones are not available with black centers in the fall, soooo my paper bouts and corsages were an alternative and actually turned out better than using real anemones!

Sarah began collecting milk glass as soon as she became engaged!  She sprayed them black to stick with our theme, it also made the vases look much more elegant.  Each table hosted different vases which made the decor so unique!

What a beautiful wedding!

I've been meaning to share some pics from our french market - here are a few great ideas and pretty fall things to look at:)

Have a great weekend!!
XO Traci