Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Romantic Wedding

A mix of mauve and purple is such a beautiful color combination!  Meredith wanted a vintage and romantic decorated wedding.  I think we accomplished this with vintage containers and accents of lace!  I just loved how it all turned out! 
We used a mix of roses, spray roses, hydrangeas, kale rosettes and hanging amaranthus!



You can get these fun toppers at With Love Paperie in Morris

What a BEAUTIFUL couple!

XO Traci

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Owning a shop can be rewarding in many ways and lately I have been feeling even more blessed.  I would like to share a story about a very special customer.  I met Loretta years ago when I first opened my shop - right away I knew she was a special and strong person (she cares for her daughter that was in a severe car accident) but now I know she is one of the bravest women I have met.  Loretta was diagnosed with melanoma not too long ago and because of a misdiagnoses it has progressed.   Loretta had always talked about a camper she had finished - a place for her to take her daughter (a mini vacation in their own backyard).  She told me about her love of all things shabby chic, vintage and cream!  So obviously we had an instant connection - she had me at camper and cream!! 

Loretta and I have always talked about a day for me to come and look at her camper - life becomes so hectic and time goes by so quickly and we never made arrangements.  Last week I got a call from Loretta letting me know that her cancer is getting the best of her.  I immediately went to see her and her amazing camper.  I wanted to share pictures of her beautiful camper with you...

Yes, this is a camper (you probably can't believe it).
Beautiful drapes, pillows, custom cushions all in cream!!!
Loretta has thought of every detail!

Cabinets with crystal knobs!
What an adorable bar area!  
 I would love to have a drink and lounge in the camper!
In the bathroom she hand painted this beautiful cheetah pattern in the softest colors!
Vintage luggage and the sweetest vintage dress!
Loretta was sharing so many great stories - we had such a fun time!

 She said she had to have a chandelier (no is complete with out a chandelier) so made this to sit over the existing light - how clever!! 
I love the little crystal details she glued to the top of the camper!

I am loving these boots and hat!!

All of the windows have crystal prisms that gave a great twinkle to the space!
I love these elegant lace drapes and of course the dress form is adorable!

She made all of these flag pendants that are hung around the camper!

Even her license plate has bling!!

She is a member of the Sisters on the Fly! 
I didn't know they had a group - how cute!

I absolutely love the cream and beige color of the camper - you never see that!!
This camper was definitely meant for her:)

Loretta is such an artistic, talented, caring and amazing person!
My mom and I had a wonderful visit and were truly inspired!!
Xo Traci



Monday, March 24, 2014


Some of the before pics...
This wall, the below bathroom and the staircase to the basement were all taken out to create a larger kitchen area!!  This picture shows the original wood floors - we put all new wood floors since the wall, stairs and bathroom were moved.
This bathroom and these disgusting stairs were taken out to expand the kitchen!
This house actually didn't have a kitchen when purchased!  This is where it was designed to go - it was WAY too small!!
 This was the original dining room but now it will be the main part of the kitchen.
I love the original radiator cover but couldn't make it work to keep it there (they are just for show because it was converted to forced heat/air many years ago).
The stained glass was taken out decades ago - I might put them back in!

Here is a look at the progress...
They are working on my island this week - I can't wait to see it!
I found this vintage table for sale but I wanted something counter height so it wouldn't work. 
James (the cabinet guy) is going to try to reproduce the table the best that he can but have it function as a counter with barstools.
Thanks for all of the compliments:) - I had no clue how stressful a remodel could be!!
Xox Traci

Saturday, March 15, 2014

My kitchen Renovation

Well my VERY long kitchen renovation may just be coming to an end!  I'm getting really excited! 
I've had many friends and customers ask how it's going so I thought I would share a little of the process up to this point.  When I first began I really had no clue how much things would be.  Pinterest and Houzz is such a wonderful way to get ideas but there really should be a BIG WARNING that goes along with these kitchens.  They should all list the price so you can snap out of a dream and into reality!!   
The initial budget (because I had no idea how much things were) for the cabinets would have allowed for something like this!
After deciding to add more to the budget we worked with a custom company.
here are some drawings...
There was a ton of open shelving (which is more cost efficient than having doors).
I like the look but began to think about how functional that would be - The magic question would be who is going to dust all of that!?!

The range was set to go on the wall by the window to make it easier to vent. 
There was something about the way the hood cover seemed to be so random (like it was in the wrong spot) that I just didn't like it! I had to go back to the drawing board:)
After adding more to the budget I found another custom cabinet company.
 M and M cabinet and millwork in Shorewood is an amazing father and son team.  They truly care about you and your ideas.  All of the other companies require you to get someone to install (I found that strange).  With this company they do it all from start to finish (what a relief) and their pricing was an incredible deal!
After a very long 9 months with absolutely no kitchen (only a beverage fridge and microwave) things are being installed NOW!
Here are the drawings... 
 I decided to move the range to the other wall and have floor to ceiling cabinets flanking my massive window.  The sink will be centered here.  I decided to use cremone bolt hardware on the large glass cabinets - I love that look!!
Deciding on a color was a TOUGH decision!  I have always absolutely loved white kitchens but I just didn't feel like it would work with this house.  I found these kitchens with a grey/taupe color and thought this is classic and just as beautiful as white!  Now that the cabinets are starting to go in I am so happy with my decision!

I just love this color especially with gold!

Picking out the counters
 I decided to get what everyone has advised me NOT to get!  I am doing it, I am getting marble!  Honestly I really, really tried to find something else that was close to the look of marble but it does not exist!  Nothing looks like marble but marble!

When I went to the supplier I thought I would be choosing calcutta gold marble but found something I liked more.  Vermont Imperial Danby marble is known for being an easier marble to care for - crossing my fingers that this is true!  What I like about this marble is that it's very uniform but still has pretty veining.  Here is one of the slabs I chose ...

Here it is with my sample cabinet.

This is the only area my fiancĂ© has expressed a strong opinion so I caved.
I wanted...
Isn't this Lacanche range beautiful!  I love the mix of stainless and gold.  I am a little sad right now reflecting on how much I loved this range!  He didn't like that the service would be a hassle since it is not common in the US and I sort of agree (but don't tell him).

He wanted...
A wolf single oven with red knobs.
I really don't care for the red knobs but I have an appreciation for the quality of this brand.

We ordered this oven and a half - the size I like but the brand he likes (it still has those bright red knobs though)!

All of the other appliances will be covered with panels so the kitchen should look pretty seamless!

I'll post some pics of the progress in a few days so check back!!
I've learned a TON so about kitchen renovations through this process so convo me if you have kitchen questions!
XO Traci

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Shopping Event

Don't forget Thursday is our Sweet Night Out in downtown Morris (4pm to 8pm)! Most of the shops will be offering sweets, drinks and sales! We'll be serving yummy chocolate strawberry rice krispies from sugar forest treats. Stop in to get your heart charm bracelet and earring set with purchase!
See you Thursday!
Xo Traci