Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Renee

I was thrilled when Renee's sister, Wendy, asked me to help surprise her sister for her 50th birthday.  It was definitely a day full of surprises...

Renee thought she was going to an amazing estate sale with her neighbor Deb (they knew if they didn't have a really good cover she wasn't getting out of bed)! Once she got to Deb's -----Surprise, four friend's and a cardboard cutout were waiting to take her on a road trip to Morris!!  Wendy didn't want Renee to know that she would be joining them once they got to Morris, so she had a lifesize cardboard cutout of herself made to really throw Renee off!
Once the group made it all the way from St. Louis Renee was soooo surprised to see Wendy...
I love this picture - can you tell how shocked Renee is!?!

Here's everyone (including the cardboard Wendy)!
They started the day off at my shop with cake pops and gelato champagne!

After shopping for a bit they headed over to Letty Mae's Tea Room
for a surprise lunch!   

As a thank you, for traveling all the way to Morris to visit, I made each guest a little candle.

How adorable is this picture of Renee as a child!!!

I filled this vintage teapot with spray roses, seeded eucalyptus and dried moss!

After an incredible lunch (as always) we had
the best cake ever!!!
Chocolate layer cake with Marshmallow fondant ruffles!
Letty Mae's did an incredible job!

The surprises kept coming...
Elizabeth from,, made the most amazing cuff corsage for Renee - it is absolutely gorgeous! 
I was so happy to be a part of Renee's special day and to have met such sweet friends!
I am looking forward to their next road trip!!
Happy 50th Birthday Renee!
XO Traci


hong kong property said...

that is really nice! theme is really nice too! happy birthday renee!

Elizabeth Maxson said...


How we all loved the party you up with Wendy...we laughed and laughed all day long. Renee was thrilled to be going to your store. And I love all my goodies that I got at your store as well!! I already have my little oil cans lined up on the window sill. Your decorations were just beautiful and we gals were talking on the way home how we would look over and see you laughing so hard during lunch at our stories. It makes getting old not so scary, right? Or does? Depends on how you look at it!

P.S. Renee wore her crown that you made her ALL the way home, even into gas stations and demanded that every stranger admire the crown! :- ) I will be doing a post on this soon....

juls4real said...

Happy Birthday. What a lovely day and what a decadent party. Well done.


Leti said...

I love this!! What a special day!

Linda said...

What warmth and cheer I felt while reading this! The high energy and happy spirit came right through my screen!!! How I would have loved to party with you ladies... :-) What a beautiful 50th birthday celebration.

To my amazement, I luckily stumbled across your blog through Pinterest (someone had pinned one of my blog photos, and, of course, I just had to look and see.). I'm new to Pinterest. Now, I see how it can connect us all...

I'll be baaaccckkkk! Wishing you a day filled with lovelies...Thank YOU for sharing!

Linda at Beautiful Ideas

P.S. Where on earth can I find a crown like this???!!!