Thursday, July 28, 2011

around the shop...

Though I should be focusing on fall I'm still in the summer mood!
I've added tons of new linen and garden items around the shop!
Don't you love the detailing on this chair!?!
Just added these crown table runners - sorry the little stool just sold.

I love the rose detailing and legs on this small bench!

New candles around the shop...

Linen and ruffles!!

We have a few different styles of these great bulletin boards!
New crown aprons only $16.50!!
These stakes are perfect for candles or vases!
Have a great day!
XO Traci


Unknown said...

I still enjoy visiting your blog.Such inspiration.Have a nice evening...Chickie

Charlene said...

It's still summer!!! It's Hotter than hadis! SO, I'm glad you didn't show fall. I think I get to come visit you while I am in California next month. My friend Sandy is planning soooooooooooo many places to stop but, I think she mentioned you! Charlene

time worn interiors said...

Thanks for sharing photos of your shop! Looks amazing!