Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Sometimes electronics can ruin the look of your room and most media centers are so NOT cute!  I really don't like looking at all of the black and silver when I want to feel relaxed and calm.  So I came up with my own solution!  I converted a vintage dresser into a media center to hide my television, DVD player and all that other ugly stuff!  First, I made a frame to go around the television to hide the silver rim.  The bottom of the frame matches the bottom of the dresser; I had to make the frame thicker at the bottom because the rim of the television was thicker there.  Most of my guests think the television is a mirror.

I cut the drawer fronts off and threw the rest away!  Each draw front is completely removable so all of my gadgets fit easily inside.  The drawers stay in place with magnets.

I wanted to line the shelves with book paper, but I never got around to doing it!

When the drawers are placed on the dresser
 I can still control everything by remote by pointing it at this hidden sensor.
You can barely see it because I hid it in this hydrangea!

I wanted my living room to feel just a cozy as my bedroom.
It can be fun and interesting to place items in unexpected places, I placed these perfume bottles and vanity mirrors on the dresser to make my living room different!

This vintage suitcase stores my remotes.

I don't get to watch much television, but when I do it is cozy and relaxing.

XO Traci


Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Well, that is the most clever thing I've seen done with a TV. The drawer fronts, though -- Amazing idea!

Unknown said...

Great idea !! I love your look.i use vintage suitcases alot myself.Great for storage.Have a cozy evening...Chickie

a mess of things said...

Love all of your ideas! Beautiful and inspiring...

Allie said...

Wow! What a great idea for hiding the ugly DVD player and such!! Super elegant!

Anonymous said...

I've seen a house with a hidden cubby for a TV,(this was before flat screen) The fireplace had been converted to gas so the chimney wasn't needed. A TV size space went in above the mantel and wired for electricity and the tv put in. a pair of pictures that made one scene, hung in front. these slid to the sides like sliding doors, for tv watching.