Saturday, December 4, 2010

Midnight in Morris

Friday all the shops downtown stayed open for the annual Midnight in Morris event.  Our shop was insanely busy despite the snow!  The sparkling wine with cranberry juice was a hit...I went through 22 bottles of wine!!  I would have went through more but I ran out of cups!  All of our 20 dozen cookies were gone within 3 hours!!!!

Before the event started my friend Nida and her fiance...I mean boyfriend stopped by!
(Nate, 2011 looks like a great year for a wedding...hint, hint)

The shop was sooo busy that it was almost impossible to move and most of the night there was a line to get in!

The snow really put you in the Christmas spirit!
I love candlelight outside when it is snowing!  I placed these candles in my window boxes.

I left the shop around 12:45, went home, and woke up to TONS of snow!!!

Thanks to everyone who made it out to our event!!
xo Traci

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