Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

If you have been into my shop you have met my mom, Debbie...she is at the shop more than I am! All of my customers tell me that she is so sweet! I am so thankful for such a supportive mom, she doesn't hesitate to help me until 11:00 at night or be there even on Sundays to help me get ready for events. If I am working on a project my mom is right there behind me to organize things...she often says that customers wouldn't be able to walk in the door if she didn't help me! Owning a business can have some not so fun parts...paying bills, get the idea. I love to create things, pick out merchandise, and set-up mom helps with all the things I dread doing. I wouldn't be able to do half of what I do if it wasn't for my mom! She is not only my mom but one of my best friends!  Mom I love you!!!!

As lucky as I am to have my mom, I am also lucky to have a few other wonderful mother figures in my life!

I have known Mary Trevino since I was in 1st grade...she is my friend Lori's mom. Mary is always there to help me with anything I need! I am sure you have seen her at our major events, she not only helps out around the store, but she makes all of our wonderful goodies we serve! I think Whimsy has been known for having really tasty treats at all of our events and this is because Mary thinks about what to serve weeks in advance! Mary is truly like my second mother...she calls to check on me, she helps out around the store, and joins me on flea market ventures! Thanks Mary for everything you do for me, you are the BEST!

I have only known Pat Clemmons for a short time, but she is such an important part of my business. When I am feeling creatively at a lose she gives me a push with new ideas. I am sure you have seen Pat at the store...she stops in almost daily to drop things off, pick-up projects to work on, or to collaborate on projects! She is truly talented and is such a role model for me!!! Pat you are such a special person and I am so happy we have become close!

I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day...

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