Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Galena Trip!

My friend Letitia and I went to Galena for a fun and packed day!  We were going for a few reasons...        1. Leti just got engaged...YEAH!!!! We were going to scope out the scene for possible wedding ceremony and reception sites.  2. I am doing florals and decor for a bride who will be getting married at Eagle Ridge in Galena...It is very beautiful there with a great view!  Her wedding is going to be gorgeous!  3. We needed a girls road trip!

Our day started by leaving my house at 6am...the drive is about 4 hours!  We were a tad nervous as we got closer to Galena because of all of the winding roads and steep hills...oh yeah and we thought we were in a horror movie with all of the road kill! GROSS!  But, we made it!

Downtown Galena was very busy!

There are some adorable shops..

I seen this cute empty store front and thought Galena really needs a shop like mine...Whimsy would be perfect here!  One shop keeps me busy for now...maybe one day!

Look what I bought!  She needs a little TLC but she has some GREAT curves!

We did a lot of walking...So much that the next day we both had such sore legs!  Actually, we seen these stairs and said we are so glad we don't need to climb those...then we realized to get to a garden tour we were taking we had to!!! aagghh!

Here is Leti all smiles before the hike up the stairs...she wasn't smiling half way up! HEHE!

We ate lunch at One Eleven Main since we were checking out there event space...we really loved the food, drinks, and the space!

We loved the brick and old wood floors...there are endless possibilities to make this space your own!

As for ceremony sites....We did like the Goldmoor inn, wouldn't this be a great place to exchange vows!?

Galena was so much fun and you can't beat a day trip with pretty views, good shopping, and yummy food!

Linmar Gardens

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Leti said...

Beautiful pictures! Such a fun trip, every girl needs to make a trip to Galena with a girlfriend!