Monday, August 9, 2010

Day at the spa

Michelle and I had such a relaxing day at the spa today!  We had a body massage, scalp massage and algae body wrap.  The view from the spa was incredible and we stayed there all day enjoying it!

Only spa guests were able to use this pool and lounge area...we had the place to ourselves...really!

Isn't this plant so neat!?...they are all over the resort.




Everything looks so refreshing. I wish we had transporter beams, I'd beam myself there. LOL.

Lisa xx

Anonymous said...

Looks so inviting,and CLEAN! I'm a freak about a clean resort! I'm the person who lifts the mattress and moves the dressers before any of my stuff touches a surface!

Looks awesome!


traci said...

what a beautiful place. hope you are enjoying your free time. looks like you are!!

Contessa Otremba said...

The ambiance of the spa relaxes me. That is such a pretty place. Talk about having a great time, eh? I suddenly missed my spa moments with my girlfriends.