Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Around My House

I am getting so excited to FINALLY start decorating my new (old) house!  I've started getting furniture and lighting (sadly that is it though).  Once I get my big pieces in I'll go back and start with accent pieces.  It seems as though it is taking forever but I want things to be perfect:)  I want to REALLY love everything!  Here is a peek at some of the new things around my house...
I got an amazing deal on these leather club chairs! 
They are new but I love that they look vintage.

I'll post some pictures of my new mantel - you can see a little in this picture.
In my last house I had a chandelier in just about every room.  I had thought about taking them to the new house but wanted Kate, my renter, to enjoy them!  So I have started my hunt for tons of vintage chandeliers for my new house!  This one in my living room is one of my favorites!  Also in my living room I was lucky to find four vintage sconces that all match!
One of the guest bedrooms - before.
I had a door removed (it was where the white patch is) that went into a room that is now my closet.

I was REALLY scared to paint this room so dark but I love how it turned out.  I decided to paint the trim the same color as the wall (but I used a satin paint on the trim). I've always been drawn to monochromatic rooms.  I am planning on having gold accents and all white bedding.
This tufted bed was my inspiration piece for the bedroom. 
I found this chandelier at Kane County Flea Market.

I used Francesca (black) MSL279 by Martha Stewart
I purchased this GIANT chandelier from Restoration Hardware Outlet
(I saved 60% off retail) YAY!! 
My bed just arrived - I've decided to decorate with all whites and creams.  I love white bedrooms, they really are so soothing.  I found this adorable side table and chair at Kane County Flea Market this past weekend - I couldn't believe that I found something that doesn't  need to be painted!! 
I do need to reupholster the chair though. 

 I found this awesome fireplace mantel at Salvage One.  If you haven't been there it is really amazing, they have really interesting vintage items (many are really expensive but you can find some decent deals). Once the mantel was delivered I found out it was way too heavy for the room.  My contractor had to work his magic to make the mantel work!  He had to put a header across the attic, drilled through the mantel and put these large supports to hold it up.  Since I needed to cover the supports he made a TV built in(I wasn't planning on having a TV in the bedroom).  I was a tad bummed because I wanted to put various size vintage mirrors above the mantel, but it made sense to have a space for a TV:)   

XO Traci


Junkchiccottage said...

Ohhhh Traci,
The rooms are coming out so pretty. I would have never thought of the dark walls but they do really work. You know me and my whites and creams but I have to say I like it very much. I love the chandelier too. It is all so pretty.

traci said...

wow traci!!! looks beautiful. i can't wait to see more. hope all is well. i have been hibernating this winter. need to get to morris.

Anonymous said...

Your home is beautiful. I love the curved railing around the staircase. I'll get that bed frame measured and send an e-mail with some pics. Salvage One is awesome. The mantel is lovely. My brother in-law bought a stone mantel for their home almost 30 years ago at Salvage One He got it for next to nothing but,back then I don't think people were buying used/vintage as much. Boy have things changed and the prices too. Looking forward to seeing more of your house.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! You are so smart to take your time and find things that you truly love. I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, I love your bathroom and the bed and the flowers and and... Thanks for the inspiration! / Linda from Sweden

*Shabby LOCO!* said...

Your rooms are georg! And that mantel! Fagetaboutit'!
Obviously you don't have kids...or maybe they're just not cray cray like mine...?? Mine would f that stuff up ASAP!
Hahaha...either way your shits the business woman!

Anonymous said...

Love your house Traci!!! What color did you paint the living room? Love the Color~ Brenda