Sunday, February 3, 2013

One room done...almost

My bathroom is FINALLY just about finished!  Besides some sconces and drapes all I have left to do is get the decor accessories (my favorite part)!
Here are a few before pics...
This was the only room with a baseboard heater. To make the room a bit more cozy I put heat in the floors(it is amazing) and got rid of the heater.  There was no bathtub - just this huge shower.
See that closet - it now has the toilet in it.

The vanities, mirrors and lights went and some demolition began!
Two hall closets were removed to make room for the new vanity.  I didn't want to put new vanities back where they were because I wanted room for a tub!

Don't you love the sconces - haha!
After falling in LOVE with a kohler marble sink that was 1400.00, I knew I wanted one but didn't want to pay that much.  I did a ton of looking and found this one for soooo much less!

I bought this beautiful armoire from the sweetest man - He said that while he was living in London his flat didn't have closets so he found this at a market in Grant Park.   

I wanted my shower to have an open concept (I think they call this a water room). 
 I just love the open feel in the room. 
One of my favorite things in my bathroom is the exposed pipe shower unit.

I went with all marble tile on the walls and floor.   Using different sizes and patterns really added to the room! The floor tile was placed in a herringbone pattern.
If I told you where I got my tile from you wouldn't believe me - HOBO!  Home Owners Bargain Outlet - I almost bought tile from a high-end retailer for four times the amount of what I spent on this tile!!  I actually love this even more(maybe because I know I got a deal)!
I purchased this chandelier at Kane County Flea Market! 
The only thing I did was paint it white (it was bright brass).
One room almost done soooo many more to go!!
XO Traci


Rosemary@villabarnes said...

It looks fantastic, Traci.

Nancy said...

Awesome!!!! Yay for the money saved!

sordar joy said...

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Anonymous said...

A truly stunning bathroom! I was wondering, who made the faucets over the marble sinks? Thanks!