Monday, March 19, 2012

My story...

I get a ton of customers and emails asking how and why I started my business.  Had I always known I wanted a shop?   What is it like to own a shop?  Have I always had a knack for decorating?  How is the shop doing?  I don't usually get really "personal" on my blog - I like to keep it more geared towards all the great things going on around the shop.  I have come across so many amazing blogs and shop owners, who have inspired me, that I thought I would try to do the same for those thinking of becoming an entrepreneur - not just in home decor, but anything. 
Had I always known...?
When I look back at my childhood I guess I would say, "Yes, I've always known."  Could it have been that Barbies were my favorite toy - not Barbie or Ken though - the dream house!  I absolutely loved my barbie dream house and all the furniture (I still have it btw).  While most kids my age were playing; my friend, Michelle, and I were selling something or thinking of selling something!  Cherry tomatoes, lemonade, yard sales, hosting dance recitals - anything to be creative and inventive! 

I came across this journal that I wrote in high school - take a look at number 3!  When I found this I was REALLY shocked - I really hadn't remembered writing this!  (Excuse all spelling errors, hehe)
In high school,when most of my peers wanted to be like the spice girls or other singers/actresses, I was obsessed with Martha Stewart! This explains number 1,2,4,5 and 6!  Should I be embarrassed that these were my goals??  Let me clarify, since this list I have added many new goals- hehe! 
All of the shopping trips to antique malls and little boutiques, with both my parents, could have had a great deal to do with my love for everything vintage and creative!  At the time I HATED going to these stores!  My dad would slam his brakes when he would see a sign for antiques, yard sales, thrift stores or any crafty boutiques!  He still does this btw! I didn't have an appreciation for these shops at the time.  Now I am just as guilty!  I've thought about getting a sign for my car that says, "may make sudden stops for vintage goods!"  Have you ever created a list of things you've wanted to accomplish? 
I've added some great new etsy items, take a look!!

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Laurie from Amish Country said...

I love this post as it tells a story that you are really doing something you love. It's not just a job for you to have your is your passion and it shows.

Karen said...

This is great Traci! Talk about following your dreams!

Leti said...

I love this! That journal entry is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Look how far you've come!