Saturday, October 22, 2011

Trying this out!

I am officially a professional photographer..okay, maybe not but I did just finish some classes!!  I had no idea all that goes into a simple picture - I am happy to finally know what all of the buttons on my camera mean and I actually know how to use them!! 
 I thought I would practice and show you some pictures of my guest bathroom:)

I made this vanity skirt from two linen, ruffle european pillow shams!  all I did was tack them to the existing cabinet and I can easily remove them to wash - sooo easy!

Not the best picture - but I thought I would still show you my sweet cabinet - clearly I need a little photography help with this pic!!

You should always have extra disposable toothbrushes in case your guest forget theirs!

I always like my guests to feel a sense of privacy...

This jar of soap rose petals is perfect for guests who want to relax - they can toss them in the tub and they smell amazing!

I love candlelight so made sure to line the windowsill with pretty holders!

and a sign to remind my guests to relax and enjoy:)

Thanks for taking a peek!
xo Traci


Connie (aka LOU) said...

Traci -

Ruffled skirt is very pretty. I took one class on my camera and I clearly need more. Still using my point & shoot camera until I'm a little more confident. All those buttons can be very intimidating.

Connie (akaLOU)

Creative Wings Boutique said...

I luv the ruffled skirt on your sink....did you purchase it or make one. if you made one I would luv for you to tell us clueless followers how.

Leti said...

Nice work, the pics looks great!

Ivy and Elephants said...

Gorgeous!I'd love to be a guest in that bathroom. So many thoughtful touches! Great work on the sink.

Charlene said...

Such a nice guest bath... I want to come stay! Love the toothbrushes all in the pretty jar. Thanks for sharing.

Jennelise said...

That is a truly gorgeous bathroom! I love the little votive holders and your pretty towels :) Very lovely! Thanks for sharing! Your blog is wonderful!