Monday, October 11, 2010

Country Living Fair!

I finally got around to looking through my country living pics!  I had such a great time and bought some really awesome things!!  This was my third year going and I am sure I am going to return again next year.  Here are some pics...

Connie and I had to get our picture by the pumpkins again this year!! 

I LOVE this bike!!!  I am totally going to steal this idea...of course I am going to wrap it it burlap, linen, and cheesecloth!

This dress was made from vintage neat!

There were TONS of pumpkins and gourds.

An old fence turned into a message board...LOVE this idea!!

This lemonade stand was soooo cute!!  I actually started looking up vintage trailers because I really want one!  Wouldn't it be so much fun to travel and go to shows in one of these!!

Another great idea...

Loved these pillows!

I have been on such an industrial kick lately!  Look at all of these vintage crates! 
 I also wanted to buy all of these watering cans! 

These pumpkins were all sold out after about an hour! 

After the country living fair we headed to Midland Antiques in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Here are a few pics...
Midland is HUGE!  You could spend and entire day looking around!  It has such a cool vibe...there are hipster young guys working, funky music playing, and every booth space filled with such awesome items.  If you ever have the chance to go I would HIGHLY recommend it!

This was my favorite booth! 

Loved these vintage photos!

 I wanted this for my house!  I thought it would be cute behind my couch...maybe next time if it is still there!

Thanks for looking! 
xo Traci


Terrell said...

Oh gosh, how I'd looove to go to that Fair! It looks like you spotted some terrific finds! I'm with you...I think you for sure need the adorable trailer! Woot! How fun would that be!?!
~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

Anonymous said...

That Vintage Booth is so amazing! Looks like a fun place, glad you had fun!


Anita said...

Oh, I am wanting to go to Midland. I know Sandy and Joe from Rhubarb Regin sell like gangbusters there. The velvet pumpkins are awesome! What was the stem made of?

traci said...

country living fair looks wonderful. maybe next year. we might have to roadtrip to indianapolis some time. that place looks amazing.

Kelly_Deal said...

My mom and I wanted to go so bad, but we couldn't.............Hopefully we'll make it next year! Looks like fun!